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Meet The Team

Our organization revolves around volunteers, and each year, a select group of these dedicated individuals gather together and form the KFD's Board and Committee.


From August to June, they work to bring our annual event to life. We call this special team our "Red Shirt Crew" -- easily identified by their red shirts and hats -- and each play an important role in making the Derby a success; having their own unique list of duties and activities they oversee and manage.

2024 Board Members

Stu Hill - Derby President

Laura Ramirez-Lonero - Vice President

Jim Roorda - Treasurer

Marsh Wilkinson - Secretary

2024 Committee Members

Carol Babish - Retail / Food Sales
Gary Beadle 
Dan Bennet - Bait & Tackle 
Jeri Bennet - Volunteer Coordinating
Doug Busey - Master of Ceremonies / Media
Debbie Cole - Food Concessions / Retail
Jeff Cotter
David Del Marto
Becky Dwinell
Sky Dwinell

Bob Ellis - Fish Procurement / Set Up & Tear Down
Tiffany Ellis - Kid Registration / Media
Bill Hart - Fish Cleaning / Weigh-in Station
JJ Hubbard - Fundraising / Sponsorship
Anita & John Hefner
Jessica Jenkins - Weigh-In Station / Big Fish Winner Board
Kevin Jenkins - Set Up & Tear Down
Joe Lonero - Fish Procurement / Set Up & Tear Down
Danny Lozano - Set Up & Tear Down
Joscelyn Reid - Media / River Operations
Bob Rittenhouse
Nate Schaffer

Melissa Strazi - River Master
Tom Zogorski - Fundraising / Sponsorship


Thank you to all of our Board & Committee Members past, present, & future!

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