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Get Involved with the Largest Fishing Derby for kids this side of the Mississippi!

As a nonprofit, public event, we rely solely on the help of volunteers to make our Derby a success. We are seeking an estimated 300 people to aid in setup and tear down, food and retail concessions, river help, bait & tackle, and fish weighing/cleaning.

We also need friendly faces to stand at each gate to receive session tickets and hand out gate prizes, as well as in our parking lots to help direct parking and greet the public as they enter the event.

If you are interested in volunteering,please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:
Laura Lonero via

1.   Set Up – includes the setting up of fences, gates and volunteer stations, canopy construction (such as Check-In Station, Refreshments, fish cleaning area, etc.) on Wednesday, May 29th, Thursday, May 30th, and Friday, May 31st.

2.   Tear Down – includes the removal of fencing, gates and volunteer stations, and general clean-up of Lampe Park on

Sunday June 2nd after the end of the derby.

3.   Remove Fish – at the end of the derby on Sunday June 2nd, volunteers will help net the remaining fish for loading on the fish truck to be planted elsewhere. (Volunteers should have waders for this task, as you will have to get into the river.)

4.   Fish Weighing Station – weigh fish brought to the weighing station and record information for largest fish awards.

5.   Fish Cleaning Station – clean fish for participants. Also includes volunteers to haul 5 gallon buckets of water for fish cleaners, dumping waste water and refilling fresh water.

6.   Tagged Fish Prize Station – assist in removing tags from fish, record participant information for prizes, and assist participants in selecting prizes for tagged fish.

7.   Ticket Gate Keeper – responsible for ensuring participants are fishing on the right day, at the right time and in the correct area. It is the Ticket Gate Keeper’s job to collect a ticket from every participant who passes through the gate. Preschool participants may have one (1) parent go through the gate with them – only in the preschool area. Responsibilities also include keeping adults who are not volunteers out of the river area; ensuring no tackle boxes, chairs, strollers or ice chests enter the river area; and keeping the KFD’s loaner poles inside the gated area. Then required to hand out a prize or prize bag to each kid on the way out.

8.   Tackle and Loaner Rod Station – responsible for rigging the poles with hooks and weights, along with supplying tackle and bait to the River Help volunteers. The Derby has a number of rods and reels that are loaned out for each fishing session. Volunteers will issue rods when necessary and clean/repair them if needed prior to each session.

9.   River Help – responsible for assisting in baiting the hooks, replacing hooks, netting and landing of the fish and removal of hooks from the fish. Volunteers may help with casting lines into the river, but should refrain from reeling in any fish, as it is a Kids’ Fishing Derby. It is the volunteers’ responsibility to make sure no fish is put back into the river. River Help training sessions will be held prior to the derby for anyone interested in helping on the river. Training is required for volunteers under 16 years of age.

River Help volunteers will be assigned to the river in areas where they will be most effective in assisting the kids.

                     River Help volunteers must have the following:

* A landing net, a long handle is preferred.(the Derby will provide plenty to use)

* A long nose pair of pliers, or some other device for removing hooks from the fish. (the Derby has a few)

* A knife, nail clippers, or some other device for cutting fishing line.

* A vest or some other means of storing bait hooks and other items. (or a lot of pockets)

10. River Supply Courier – ensure the River Help volunteers have the necessary supplies to assist the kids, such as bags, hooks, sinkers, bait, and especially numerous water deliveries.

11. Registration/Information/Volunteer Check-In Station – assist in checking in the volunteers, distributing caps and lunch tickets, as well as providing guidance and information to the Derby participants and parents when necessary.

12. Food Service – prepare and/or sell concessions, food and beverages, and collect refreshment tickets.

In appreciation for their efforts, each volunteer receives a Kids Fishing Derby hat. Volunteers who participate in at least two sessions in a day receive a free lunch ticket. Breakfast will be served from 7:00AM –10:30AM for a minimal charge. Coffee is available to volunteers at no charge.

Volunter Job Descriptions

Interested in Volunteering?

Download the following Volunteer Information Packet and Contract Form Below!

Please note that there are 4 pages to our Volunteer Packet, click both links to download the packet in its entirety.

Volunteer Meetings

Please note that volunteers with less than 2 years experience must attend at least 1 volunteer meeting before Derby weekend to receive training.

Click the link below to view our Event Schedule for meeting times and dates. 

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